Tim-bor Professional – Best Termite Treatment in West Palm Beach


The natural value of termites lies in the fact that they degrade plant material. It also plays an important role in the food chain. Termites are a valuable source of protein for many other animals. They can do a lot of damage to human societies and industries. Those pests usually target wood manufacturing plants or apartments. An attack of termites on a house is happening due to:

  • Humidity
  • Wood on the ground
  • Dead trees or stumps lying around the house

Your prevention measures didn’t work? It’s time to track down the infestation and assess the entire situation. ProControl specializes in this field. Their services and products will help you get rid of termites in West Palm Beach once and for all.

Discover their latest product, Tim-bor Professional. It is often quoted as a “miracle solution” against all kinds of pests.

What chemical kills termites in West Palm Beach?

Tim-bor Professional has an active ingredient against termites in West Palm Beach. It is Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate. DOT is a natural borate mineral salt and micronutrient. You can use it in the form of a water-soluble borate powder.

It is very simple to use:

  1. Apply it in a liquid form by foaming, misting or spraying onto wood or other cellulosic materials.
  2. The borate active ingredient will create a protective envelope that stays for years.
  3. When the dust gets on the insects, they consume the boron during the cleaning process.

The Science Behind Tim-Bor Professional

Tim-bor Professional gives a special borate active ingredient. It is superior to traditional boric acid. It maximizes:

  • The solubility
  • The rate of dissolution
  • The boric oxide content

This product prevents pest infestation by inhibiting termites’ metabolism on a cellular basis. The tetrahydroxyborate anion forms a chelate complex with the cis-adjacent hydroxyl groups. In this configuration, the pentose phosphate pathway or the tricarboxylic acid pathway disappear. So does the cellular energy generating those mechanisms. This includes adenosine triphosphate production.

How safe is Tim-Bor Professional?

DOT is a natural form of elemental boron. It is important for the healthy growth of plants. It is also believed important to our calcium metabolism. Animals and humans take what they need from their diet and excrete any excess via the kidneys. DOT has low acute toxicity.

As a result, Tim-bor Professional is about half as toxic as salt and sodium chloride. But it is very effective against insects and fungi. Those do not have the same excretion mechanisms as us.

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Termites are quite difficult to deal with. Especially if the infestation has gone out of hand. It may cause severe damage to wooden structures in your property. If you found yourself in this unlucky situation, consider yourself lucky. You found the “miracle solution” to your problem. More information at (888)466-9772.

*There are no “miracle solutions” for termite treatments. We endorse this product and highlight the market claims. ProControl does not endorse a “miracle solution” but gives our customers an honest evaluation for dealing with termites