Pest Control Palm Beach

Whether you’re in the city or in the country, pests can invade you anywhere. Even in modern, well-maintained places that are impeccably clean. No one is safe from pests such as insects, rodents, or other animals. Whether they are flying or crawling, insects’ presence can quickly become unbearable. They might include: Wasps Cockroaches Ants Bugs […]

Bee Removal West Palm Beach

Bees are ecologically useful. Their nesting habits have often brought them into close proximity with humans. Unlike wasps, most species of bees are not aggressive by nature. They only become so if provoked or if their nests are disturbed. But since some species are very aggressive, trying to move a swarm of wasps can be […]

Rat Removal Service

Of all the animals in the rodent kingdom, rats and mice are among the most adaptable to their environment. This is both in terms of habitat and diet. This is why, for the most part, they have managed to be a persistent nuisance since the dawn of mankind. The problem is that mice and rats […]

Murder Hornet- Giant Asian Hornets on Treasure Coast

In 2020, two new species of giant Asian hornets were observed in the northwest Pacific. This suggests that these insects have managed to survive despite the control measures adopted last year. This predator is known as the “killer hornet”. It was nicknamed so because of its propensity to catch a bee, bite the bee’s head […]

Rodent Waste Clean up – Rodent Sanitation

To clean and sanitize a property from rodent waste, specific knowledge is required. Carrying out this operation represents a threat to your own health.  ProControl specializes in the disposal of the waste left by rats, mice, birds, raccoons, and other animals. We follow all local and national regulations. Do not take the risk of your […]

Free Termite Inspection in Port St Lucie

Free Termite Inspection in Port St Lucie Some properties appear to be in perfect condition. In reality, they may sometimes have hidden defects. Until about twenty years ago, one could not always be aware of them. It was only when one was likely to buy a house that he would notice structures infested by termites. […]

How to Treat Termites in Port Saint Lucie

How to Treat Termites in Port Saint Lucie Different insects can invade a home, but termites are the most harmful. Silent and discreet, they are quite difficult to spot when the wood is under attack. They chew on the wood little by little until there is nothing left but dust. These small insects have the […]

Own Property? Get your Property Termite Inspection!

Own Property? Get your Property Termite Inspection! You can avoid a possible termite infestation. Above all, inspect your home on a regular basis. A professional inspection will detect the potential presence of these insects. Even if your property seems to be in a perfect condition, termites can strike your home at any time. Most of […]

Wasp Control on The Treasure Coast

Getting stung by a wasp can be very painful. For anyone allergic to wasp stings, it can be life-threatening. Should a wasp nest be found near a house, business, or a high-risk area such as a school or playground, contact ProControl Services as soon as possible! How to protect yourself from wasps?  Treating a wasp […]

I need Pest Control in West Palm Beach

I need Pest Control in West Palm Beach West Palm Beach is one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. It welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world. The city offers: Quality shows to attend with family Trendy places to sip a drink with friends Gourmet restaurants to make your date look like […]